About Us

Who are we?

Market Pundit Capital and Merchant Banking Ltd. was founded with the intention of diversifying its operations into several areas of Investment Banking. It is now maintaining its core fund while seeking a license to create a strong brand image in the existing business. It brings us great pleasure to inform our shareholders about the recognition that Field Pundit has achieved in this competitive market in such a short period of time.

The operational team of experienced, qualified employees and steward board members who has worked dedicatedly for the growth and achievement of the set targets put forward by the organization. With each passing year company has been able to record its exponential growth on every parameter. However, company thrives to achieve record breaking targets once it comes into full operation as a merchant banker providing its clients with a very competitive and rewarding results in an established industry.

Market Pundit has been able to operate confidently since the inception of the company and despite being a newbie in the industry it has successfully been able to come into break even since the second year of its operation covering all of its cost including initial set up cost. This has enabled the organization to back the confidence with its initial phase of operation to expand its vision for tremendous future growth once it starts acquiring clients after the completion of licensing process.

Company Overview

Market Pundit was established on Ashadh 15th, 2075 BS as Portfolio Management Pvt Ltd. Co. Later on, converted to Public Ltd Co. As of 22nd Bhadra, 2076 as per Nepal Companies Act. Currently, Market Pundit is engaged in the management of its core fund and has been actively engaged in the capital market generating returns with respect to the managed fund. Market Pundit Capital and Merchant Banking Ltd is in the process of obtaining a license from the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) to engage in merchant banking activities of portfolio management services.

The Company is in the process of licensing and is positive to get approval from SEBON in the current year itself. At present, the Authorized capital of MPCMBL is NPR 100 million and issued is NPR 80 million and paid-up capital of NPR 56 million. It operates under professional management with strong strategic support from the Board of Directors.

The main aim of the company is to raise the industry standard by incorporating best practices in capital market activities through embracing modern technologies in order to augment the products and services offered to clients. We are in the planning phase of expansion in terms of infrastructures and services to handle the growing business.

Core Values

  • Capital Growth
  • Safety of principal Amount Invested
  • Liquidity
  • Marketability of Securities Invested in
  • Diversification of Risk
  • Consistent Return

Vision and Mission


“To be the most sought-after portfolio management and advisory service.”


“To provide portfolio management and advisory services to the clients as per their needs and requirements."

Objective and Goals

  • Provide PMS Service related to Discretionary and Non-discretionary portfolio management
  • Advisory services to investors about investments
  • Training and research program related to investment
  • Provide service related to private equity management

Financial Goals

  • Growing and strengthening existing businesses
  • Expanding our footprint, to achieve higher market share
  • Diversifying our services and expanding our addressable market, for more durable earnings operating more efficiently, leading to higher margins and returns
  • Future plan to come up with best corporate advisory business for its prospective clients
  • Manage a strong team for market research so as to aid the client acquisition process and build trust factor with suitable studies supporting practical market parameters for better judgements
  • Develop products for investments considering last market base and suitable for diverse range of requirement by clients